How To Download And Compile:

   The SpeakerID Project is written and compiled using Visual C++ 6. First you should download these files: (includes some classes used in gui design, Size=68KB), (library for processing some audio operations [play, record,...], Size=28KB), (library for speaker recognition, Size=52KB), (user mangement program, Size=124KB) and (speaker identification program, Size=64KB). Then extract them to a directory and to seperate subdirectories (see the following image). After that download (speech/speaker recognition library written by Jialong He, Size=240KB) and extract it to the HSpeakrIDLib directory. Then open UsrMngr\SpeakerID.dsw and SpeakerID\SpeakerID.dsw and compile them to obtain user manager and speaker identifier programs. To run the programs correctly you should copy the executables in the same directory.
   Use the following image to arrange the directories correctly: