PlastAmp 2

   You can download this version clicking on its preview (Size=168KB). Nearly all components are skined and some color themes added.

PlastAmp 2

PlastAmp : A Skin For Winamp 3

   This is my first experience in winamp skinning. However, it is not a complete skin: only the main component is skinned.
   You can download it clicking on its preview (Size=174KB).


A UIB for JetAudio

   This is the result of my some hours playings with Photoshop and its plugins! The text on the right part of the main component is my (nick) name.
   You can download it clicking on its preview (Size=39KB), it is a zip archive that you should extract it to the UIB folder of your installed copy of Cowon Jet-Audio. Renaming it to 'default.uib' or selecting it as default UIB in the UIB tab of the program preferences window makes it ready to be used.

UIB preview