CD Snapshot

   This progarm creates a list of files located on a CDROM, and stores the list so that you can browse through the cd even if it is not inserted in the drive. It is a good utility, if you -like me- store your hard disk backups on cdroms and then get mixed up when you try to find some of files stored on one of many cdroms.
   Simply something I needed, and didn't find any freeware that can do that for me. So I tried to write what I needed. Howerver, it is buggy, memory consumer (it is not recommended that you run it frequently under win 98) and its capabilities are limited. But it does what I needed and that's enough for me to upload it here. If you decided to use it mention that it doesn't generate a real image of the cdrom and only stores list of files and if you have multiple cdrom drives, it uses the first one. If you think you need a more complete version you can send an email to me. It may encourage me to do a more acceptable job! Download it clicking on its screenshot (Size=66KB).