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About Me and This Site

   Welcome to my web site!
   This is Hamid Reza Mohammadi –an Iranian computer software student at Isfahan University- and here is the English section of my personal home page.
   This web page was first published at June 17th, 2002 to be an online documentation and a remote backup for my programs related to my BS project on designing a voice password system and also my first step for creating a personal home page for myself. And now, when my project has came to an end, I have enough time to work on this web site and alter it to a mirror for all my personal activities, interests and life style.
   For now, you can find some pages related to my BS project and some of my interests here. If you know Farsi you can find more things on my Farsi pages. However if you have a question, want to stay an idea on my web site contents, or just want to say that you have visited my web site or … you can send e-mail to my mailbox at hotmail (hamidreza_mo@mail.com). You can also post your comments or messages to my guest book. However if you want to recieve a reply please use the first way.